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Features of Linux

              1. Virtual memory, allowing the system to use disk room the same as RAM memory.    2. Multiple user capability.    3. Protected mode so programs or user's can't access unauthorized areas.    4. True multitasking    5. X - A graphical user interface similar to windows, but supports remote sessions over a network.    6. Advanced server functionality           * FTP server           * Telnet server           * BOOTP server           * DHCP server           * Samba server           * DNS server           * SNMP services           * Mail services           * Network file sharing           * and, much more...    7.supports various file systems Why to Use    1. Free    2. Runs on various machine architectures    3. Works well on machines that are not "modern". Recommended 8MB RAM, with 16MB swap drive space. It will run in hard drives as small as 500MB or less.    4. Linux is stable and even if a program crashes, it won't br