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Linux Bug - Dirty COW

Recently World of Linux come across yet another bug which is haunting the nix users all over the world. This bug has given a name COW and its associated CVE number is CVE-2016-5195. Its kind of funny how this bug get their names, this too grab my attention when i first heard about it as COW ! i laughed out like what ? :) For Freelance Work & Queries Contact me by Email Id Background : later when I started reading about this bug in details got to know how this bug got his name, which nothing but a " copy-on-write " technique which Linux kernel uses to maintain the private read -only memory mapping and this technique have some flaws in it since 2007 woohooo that was way long back. In other words if i have to say is this bugs allow a server to become completely compromised through local privilege escalation. This vulnerability is specific to the Linux Kernel, and exploiting this vulnerability does require a local system user