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Resolving IP SKU Requirements When Adding Azure VMs to Load Balancers

When it comes to configuring Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) within a Load Balancer (LB) environment, there are essential requirements that need to be addressed to ensure optimal performance and reliability. One common challenge faced by Azure users is the necessity of configuring IP SKUs correctly. In this blog post, we'll explore this requirement, its importance, and provide a solution to address it effectively. Understanding the IP SKU Requirement   The IP SKU (Service Key Update) requirement plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of your Azure infrastructure, particularly within the context of Load Balancers. Here's what you need to know : IP Should Be in Standard SKU When adding Azure VMs to a Load Balancer, it's highly recommended to utilize public IP addresses configured with the Standard SKU. The Standard SKU offers an array of advanced capabilities, including enhanced traffic management and load balancing options. By using Standard SKU, you ensure a higher deg