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Know Your GIT Server

If you are a developer you might be familiar with version control in your dev life. Even if you are system admin working on Windows/Linux/Unix then also you may come across version control. For Freelance Work & Queries Contact me by Email Id                The point is if you know it its Good :) but if you do not know there is no need to worry. I will try to explain it to you as easy as possible.                                                                       What is Version Control A version control (VC) is a system which keeps an eye on your files (which you provide to him) over a period of time for all changes you are doing like updating, deleting etc and making a data for all these changes you are doing on files. Version Control normally was divided into 3 categories. 1) Local Version Control System 2) Central Version Control System 3) Distributed Version Control System Let see each Version Control one-by-