/bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

Hello Guys, hope you all doing great. After a major gap I am back to my blog to write some useful information which could help someone who is working on Linux servers :) 

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So, today i am going to discuss about a general error which comes on linux servers when we try to install any package or making changes in some directories.There might be other reason as well when this errors comes. So error which i am talking about is 


 /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

Understanding the error:

Most of you might have come across this error.So question comes up what this error is saying:
and as per me its saying about some permission denied to the bash not able to access/write/execute the certain directory on linux server.

What directory is being denied:

The directory being denied is generally /tmp, because /bin/sh shell tries to execute some raw calculations inside the /tmp directory which is generally mounted and having permission set as no execute permission for /tmp partition.

How to get rid of it:

Just run below command to make the /tmp partition to execute the commands inside for the users.
Where we are remounting the /tmp partition with execute permissions, so that our error could get away and we can move forward with our work.

Once you will run above command, your error should be gone, but take a IMP note here, once you are done with your task whatever it may be, dont forget to remount the /tmp with default permissions.

and doing so is the good practice :) and to do that run the below command.

For Freelance Work & Queries Contact me by Email Id support@linuxforeveryone.com